Entry #7

Hey Hi Hello

2013-11-11 13:34:19 by Screwits

Sup guys, just wanted to pop in and say a few words. So basically, I made a new cartoon! Its called Jeckster, which you can find here on Newgrounds of course, and on YouTube! Give it a watch and a like to support if you enjoyed it!

Now, my boy Jecks got some mixed reactions in general. Which might be because of its extremely fast paced pacing, the childish dumb humor, or the fact that its simply original..My first original actually. I for one see the flaws in the whole animation. But that wont stop me from making more of this even if people dont like it haha.

I have alot of plans and ideas for this "series" which will explain everything that happened in the first video. Every action that may seem random in the video actually has a reason behind it. Exactly what are those reasons? Heh well you're gonna have to wait and find out.

But I wont be touching Jeckster for awhile cause I have a couple ideas for other videos I want to make first. One of which was hinted at in Jeckster..hehe can you spot it nerds?!

Also this adorable picture of Jeckster my good pal TwistedGrim made! Ok have a good one guys.

Hey Hi Hello


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2013-11-11 13:39:32



2013-11-11 13:43:25

the picture is the cutest.


2013-11-11 13:46:05

pssshhh, sure maybe , whatever, I guess.

Screwits responds:

Apathatic indecisiveness!??


2013-11-11 14:17:20

My only problem with Jeckster was the audio at tines. I loved it overall! I'm always really supportive of original cartoons since I believe more creativity goes into it than making a parody.


2013-11-11 18:46:25

I hope someone draws porn of him. lol


2013-11-12 02:11:47

First a compliment: I loved the video, it was hilarious.
Now a threat: I want to see the bottom part of your preloader image/YT thumbnail or I'm going to punch people. Probably you.


2013-11-12 03:18:55

Gelatin Cro Bat.


2013-11-16 14:27:23

Good luck with the series! Actually, could Jeckster's cards give paper cuts as an attack?


2016-01-19 02:56:00

Been binging your cartoons recently, I absolutely love your cartoons and style, specifically the way you cut and the way you draw hair haha

Screwits responds:

thank you! maybe i should drop this whole cartoon situation and become a hair stylist. sounds like im cut out for that heh