Wait..Im Black? ***RARE SECRET WATCH OUT!***

2013-01-21 20:54:21 by Screwits

Long time no smell Newgrounds! Good thing too,cause you guys STINK. OOOOO get ownd fags. lol jk im joking! Thats why I said jk in the first place IDIOTS. OK,lets get real. I made a new cartoon its about Drake and Josh,I know right? Who cares! My thoughts too. Heres the STINK wait..what the fuck? Its the link..its ORANGE?
Hey ready for another link? Haha cute! Here,this one links to the YouTube version in case your tired of this place. HA! Im not funny guys.Here just TAKE IT: YOUTUBE. But yeah I'm sorry for the huge delay guys who actually watch my stuff. This flash,as stupid and short as it is, it was a work of h*ck to deal with,mainly audio issues and exporting problems but I over came those obstacles cause' I like you guys.And I mean.Alot. But what really drove me to win was this,it kept my head held high! I looped it for like a month straight as I was working on it. and most of all this gem,pretty sweet huh? Pretty cool!
ALSO I have a twitter,follow me around if you like pointless nonsense
AND a formspring,ask me stuff...and stuff..

Wait..Im Black? ***RARE SECRET WATCH OUT!***


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2013-01-21 22:28:17

Your cartoon was almost as lovely as that picture.


2013-01-21 23:45:15

Awesome Job, I must say ur fucking amazing! I loved the video, Keep up the work man!


2013-01-22 00:40:39

Just out of curiosity but is Spazkid a major influence in your animation style? When I first saw one of your earlier animations, I could have SWORN it was animated by him.


2013-01-22 08:49:21

spill your penis


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2013-01-23 06:37:13

Your animation was amazing, Egoblackter, it got me harder than Speedo's Sausage.


2013-03-24 06:36:26

There's a picture of Drake Bell floating around the web.